White Acrylic Liner on Glass and Ceramics «Decola», 18 ml

3,80 Incl. VAT



The liners are made based on an aqueous acrylic dispersion and are designed to create volume  drawings and Adorno, glass and earthenware. Allow you to create additional  decorative effects, draw a thin line and perform dot painting.  Ideal for use with «Decola» paints for glass and ceramics, as well as stained glass  paints. Used in the technique of stained glass painting to prevent the mixing of colors between  individual elements and fragments of the drawing.  the liners are available in tubes with a pointed nozzle, which makes it easy to apply  acrylic composition directly from the tube by pressing the smooth body (no additional  nozzles, even for the most delicate line drawing). The thickness of the applied force is regulated line  pressing the tube. The consistency of the ink and the nozzle dispenser to prevent the emergence of blots  painting process and allow you to get expressive relief patterns, dots, strokes, and other items. Apply contour follows the degreased surface.