Standard Acrylic Putty 800gr

3,65 Incl. VAT



STANDARD is ready mixed white acrylic masonry filler suitable for both interior and exterior use. It is suitable for smoothing and preparing surfaces prior to painting, as well as filling and coating cracks and holes on walls, ceilings, floors and doors. May be applied on plaster, concrete, brick, stones, render and wood.


  • Ready mixed formula
  • Smoothens uneven surfaces
  • Excellent workability, offers a tough smooth finish
  • Dries fast and can be easily sanded
  • Presents low shrinkage – does not crack
  • Forms a non-absorbent white substrate, ready for painting
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Rapid and clean application


  • It is suitable for smoothing and preparing as well as filling cracks of interior and exterior walls and ceilings prior to the final coat.
  • It is suitable for plaster, smooth concrete surfaces, aerated concrete blocks, plasterboards, cementboards etc.