Set of alcohol markers “Sonnet” TWIN BRUSH “BOTANIKA”, 24 pcs

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Markers “Sonnet” TWIN BRUSH are created for all types of sketching, as well as complex illustrations, comics and other creative fields. Two nibs – a brush and a chisel – give advantages in work: the brush nib is flexible, resilient, easy to control, allows you to vary the stroke from fine lines to wide strokes, to achieve soft color transitions. The chisel is suitable for fast visualization and filling of large pieces of work. The supply of ink markers is controlled, uniform. Semi-transparent colors blend well and are superimposed on each other with glazes, forming smooth gradients and new shades. The “Sonnet” marker palette includes 174 individual colors, including a blender. Any color can be purchased separately, complementing the colours of the set. For best results, we recommend using the Sonnet marker book.