Decola set of acrylic paints for fabric, 12 colors

17,60 Incl. VAT



Acrylic paints «Decola» fabric made based on an aqueous acrylic dispersion after drying to form a solid elastic film on the surface. Paints designed for painting, cotton and silk fabrics. It allowed the use of colors on synthetic fabrics. It is recommended to verify the strength of fixing the pattern on the fabric sample. You must first wash the fabric without the use of air conditioners, dried and ironed. For a list of clothing it is recommended to put polythene, or heavy paper inside to avoid printing the ink on the other side of the product. Paints are applied uniformly thin layer with a brush, sponge or roller. For fixing dyes to fabric dry signature within 24 hours. Progladte iron 5 min without steam by x / cotton fabric at a temperature corresponding to h / cotton fabric. After 48 hours, after ironing laundry products allowed mild detergent at a temperature of from 30 ° C to 40 ° C without excessive mechanical action.