Sauce (chalk crayons) assortment in a wooden box 10 sticks

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Unique product, still carrying traditions of old Russian academic school. Sauce can be used either dry or wet, as a crayon or as a powder, thus making incredible and endless possibilities for drawing. Made by one of the oldest manufacture in Russia used to supply its art products to Imperial Academy of Fine Arts. Only fine ingredients are used and a very rare clay, which makes this product one of a kind. Silky and smooth texture. You have to try it to see the difference. || Sauce is a type of pastel. It is made from the powder of combustion products, to which a little vegetable glue is added. It’s sold in the form of pressed sticks. Usually, in a set of sauces there are 10 sticks of different colors. The sauce, unusually deep in tone, velvety in sensation and texture, differs from other materials used in the drawing by its wide tonal range. Abroad, most people do not even know about the existence of such an amazing material. || How to draw with sauce? You can paint with the sauce both dry and wet. With dry sauce, it is used like a pastel. But its magic is hidden in a more unusual technique – “on wet”. When wet, the sauce is similar to liquid watercolor in its consistency, and after drying it takes on the properties of a simple pencil. || How to “prepare” the sauce? Take a couple of grams of sauce, turn it into powder. Add some water. As a result you get a kind of dark substance, like liquid watercolor. The sauce is also a very economical material. Just a few grams is enough to make a full picture on A4! In using sauces this way you’ll get something in between watercolor and a simple pencil. And yet… another secret is hidden in this unique material! The sauce, after drying, can be washed with an eraser. Yes! As you erase a pencil, you can do the same with the sauce. So do not be afraid if you get clumsy in your work. After the drawing is completely dry, you can fix or lighten it by simply rubbing it with an eraser. For wet painting cellulose paper is preferable.

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