Nevskaya Palitra Watercolor set ”White Nights” 24 tubes 10ml

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Professional artistic watercolors “White Nights” are fine suspensions of pigments and fillers in a binder, which includes an aqueous solution of vegetable glue – gum arabic. All watercolors in the White Nights palette are safe, certified and meet ASTM D-4236 standards.

The high concentration of pigment ensures the maximum intensity of the color tone of the watercolor. Saturation is maintained even when diluted with large amounts of water. They are distinguished by transparency, which allows the artist to work with thin glazes. Pure colors allow you to paint in mixtures and get a rich variety of shades. Most of the paints have the highest lightfastness, which contributes to the preservation of works for over 100 years. All this ensures their high quality and the possibility of using them in important jobs.

The paints in tubes have a pasty consistency, do not require additional soaking with water and are immediately ready for use. Recommended for painting on large formats, for mixing paint solutions, for filling large areas of paper, for filling empty cuvettes. The balanced palette of 24 colors in the White Nights set allows you to solve many creative tasks of the watercolorist. The set is presented in a plastic box and a cardboard case.


Lemon, Cadmium lemon, Cadmium yellow, medium Yellow, ocher Yellow, Golden dark, Cadmium orange, Iron oxide, light red, Cadmium red, light Ruby, Carmine,
Kraplak red light, Lilac quinacridone, Ceruleum, Bright blue, Cobalt blue, Ultramarine, Turquoise, Emerald green, Cyepene green light natural