Easel Sketch Box Portable Folding Adjustable Height 1602

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Easel Sketch Beech Box Portable Folding Adjustable Height with a strap. Hand-made manufactured in Russia at Podolsk Art Center factory (Moscow region). The factory was established in 1958, and it is the successor of the Podolsk Production Facility of the USSR Art Fund.

The sketch box combines the properties of an easel and a drawer for paints. On the cover of the sketchbook you can conveniently place a tablet or canvas, and in the box place everything you need for work: paints, brushes and other tools. When folded, the sketchbook takes up little space and is easy to transport.

Model A 1602 – 50 x 39 x 9 cm (20 x 15 x 3.5 in) LARGE

The easel is made of wear-resistant oiled wood. It is equipped with retractable telescopic legs, with which you can adjust the height and position of the easel. The length of the legs is fixed by screwing the “wing” type bolt. The sketchbook box is divided by partitions into cells in which necessary art supplies can be conveniently stored. The package includes a rectangular palette of plywood and a plywood tablet, on which you can fix the paper for work.

It is intended to be used in open air, but it can also be used in a workshop or at home.