Clear Varnish Gloss 400ml

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MINOS CLEAR VARNISH SPRAY is a pure acrylic coating. Offers a fast drying, tough, clear acrylic finish. It is user friendly with a very wide range of applications at work, home, DIY, hobbies. It is suitable for most surfaces including all kinds of wood, metal, stones, paper, plastics, ceramics etc.


  • Fast drying
  • Excellent coverage
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Non-fading lasting gloss -UV resistant
  • Resistance to water and weather influences
  • Resistant to petrol, chemicals
  • Wear resistant and scratch free
  • Easy to use


MINOS CLEAR VARNISH SPRAY has hundreds of uses around the house, work, hobbies and DIY projects.

  • Suitable for most surfaces such as wood, metal, stone, paper, plastics, ceramics and most painted surfaces.
  • It is suitable for coating bare and painted wooden and metal surfaces.
  • Ideal for finishing decorative craft projects as well as sealing and protecting electrical contacts and boards.