Cernit Polymer Clay 56 gr Metallic

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The Metallic Cernit range offers a large choice of polymer clay with a very high content of mica particles. This clay allows to obtain an unrivalled brightness and metallic shimmer effect. Metallic clay is particularly suitable for Mica Shift, Mokume Gane techniques, etc.
Apart from the classical metallic colors such as Gold, Silver or Copper, the range includes variants, Rich Gold, Antique Bronze, etc. but also original creations such as Green Gold, Turquoise, Rust etc.
The Cernit polymer clay polymer clay hardens in the oven at 110°C/230° F to 130°/266° F. It’s is very soft, rank 1 on 4 (the firmest), so its kneading time is shorter than for the other clay brands. Odorless, the clay doesn’t stain hands nor working materials. All colors can be mixed together.

The Metallic polymer clay is a new range from Cernit. Its production is very recent and the clay is particularly soft.
If you want to work a firmest clay :
run the necessary quantity of clay in your pasta machine (medium setting)
put it between 2 sheets of white blank paper
wait for 10/15 mn that the paper absorbs an amount of the plastifier and check if the firmness is suitable for your purpose. If not, wait again for 10/15 mn and check.
Once the good consistence achieved, run the clay several times in your pasta machine. As you’ll notice, kind of cracked patterns will appear in the clay at first, it’s normal. You have to go on running the clay in your PM to, on one hand, redistribute the plastifier harmoniously in the clay, and on the other hand, to realign the mica particles for a regularly spread brightness.
When the color is homogeneous, the clay is ready to work.

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Weight 56 g

Antique Bronze, Antique Gold, Blue, Bronze, Champagne, Copper, Gold, Green Gold, Hematite, Pink Gold, Red, Rich Gold, Rust, Silver, Steel, Turguoise Gold, Turquoise