Amsterdam Acrylic Retarder Bottle 75 ml

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Using a wet-on-wet method must be done quickly when working with acrylic paint. Buy yourself some extra time to create stunning color transitions, blend colors smoothly and allow yourself to work on the same area for longer using Amsterdam acrylic retarder. This retarder prolongs the drying time of your paint while preserving the color intensity and opacity. Adding a maximum of 5% of this retarder to your paint will slow down the drying time, giving you more time to work with the paint, with little effect on the viscosity and opacity. Mix the acrylic retarder thoroughly with your paint using a painting knife.

Amsterdam acrylic retarder

  • Extends the drying time of acrylic paint by a maximum of 20%
  • Evaporates completely from the acrylic paint
  • Use sparingly; thinned paint may not contain more than 5% Amsterdam acrylic retarder
  • Can be thinned with water
  • Clean utensils with water
  • Apply at temperatures above 10° C and store free of frost