Acrylic primer White 220ml

4,70 Incl. VAT



  • THE FUNDAMENT OF YOUR PAINTINGS — The primer provides the essential fundament for your paintings — It gives your work surface density and a degree of roughness
  • FOR MANY COLORS & SURFACES — The primer is best suited for acrylic, oil, tempera and gouache paints and can be used basically on any material like: paper, cardboard, cloth, canvas, wood, stone and glass
  • PROTECTS YOUR BASE MATERIAL — Thanks to the primer, paint does not penetrate into the porous or absorbent base, cardboard or canvas, and does not roll down from smooth surfaces like metal
  • ECO FRIENDLY — The acrylic primer is non-toxic, vegan, without smell, does not cause allergic skin reaction and comply with all European regulations — Can be used from the age of 3