Acrylic Glass and Ceramics “Decola” 50ml

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Acrylic paints on glass and ceramics «Decola» based on an aqueous acrylic dispersions intended for painting ceramics, earthenware, glass and metal articles. Before you begin, you need to clean the surface of the product from dust and carefully degreased. If you plan multicolor painted in several layers, you should start with the lightest shade. The intermediate drying between coats of paint is 12 hours. To secure the dry pattern-painted for 3 days. To extend the life of the article can be painted by a warm oven at 100 ° C for 30 minutes or cover acrylic lacquer. Brushes and tools immediately after use rinse with water. Keep cans tightly closed. The paint dries irreversible. After contact with skin rinse with water. After drying paints painted by the product can be washed in warm water without a strong mechanical action. Do not use paint for painting objects that come into contact with foodstuffs.

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Black, Blue deep, Bronze, Brown, Carmine, Gold, Green Deep, Green Medium, Lemon, Ochre Light, Red, Rose Light, Silver, Violet Light, White, Yellow Light